Introducing: Faces of Health, the app

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Are you living with chronic medical illness or mental illness?

When you are, at times it can feel like your body and your mind have betrayed you.

You are taking your medications and doing great things to manage your health, but wonder if there’s more you can do in-between doctor’s appointments and therapy sessions. Is there more you can do to support your health… things that won’t take up too many spoons or too much energy, but still can make a positive difference? 

I created the Faces of Health mobile app (and companion online master class series)  because I believe that every one of us can learn to use the power of neuroscience to relieve our physical stress and emotional pain.

I combine my professional training as a clinical psychologist with my in-depth understanding of the mind-body-health connection and my life experience as a chronically ill Black woman to empower people to take charge of their wellness. 


The Faces of Health app teaches you skills that work, and are based on the science of our brains. You will gain access to knowledge and tools produced by decades of neuroscience research. Skills training available includes:

  • Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Reduction

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing for Vagal Toning (i.e., Vagus Nerve Stimulation)

  • Alternate Nostril Breathing and Other Breathwork Exercises for Focus or Relaxation

  • EMDR Bilateral Tapping 

  • EFT Energy Tapping

  • Chair-Yoga Range of Motion Exercises for Fascia Softening

  • Brainspotting self-spotting Exercises 

  • Grounding meditations, Breath Prayers, Coloring Book, and a Community feature

    …And new content uploaded every month!

Unlike other big brand apps, which share tools built by big companies, my products have a face behind the name. The Faces of Health app and companion masterclass series were created by a person who gets it, who can understand the challenges of life for the chronically ill.

I have “been there” and am still here, living life with chronic illnesses. I have learned how to transform my pain and suffering into purpose and meaning, and I want to teach you how to do the same.

In the Faces of Health app, you can take just a few minutes a day to build your brain’s resiliency and relaxation muscles. You can do so using audio guides, or follow along with video and visuals. 

The videos and tools available not only teach you how to reduce stress, but you will also learn the science behind the skills you are learning. 

As you commit to daily practice in the Faces of Health app, you may experience a greater sense of relaxation and ease, plus come to know what your brain and body are doing while you’re practicing (the WHY it works). It’s time you take charge of your wellness!

Click below to download the app in Apple IOS and Google Play app stores!

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