Therapy and Coaching services are available online using secure video sessions (also known as telehealth or teletherapy). Mindfulness training can also be provided via teletherapy.

Dr. Blied is licensed to provide therapy to clients residing throughout the state of California. Can’t make it to the Claremont office each week for your appointment? Online sessions can be scheduled at your convenience using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Contact us to schedule a free consult or book your first appointment.


Benefits of Teletherapy*

Distance to the clinic, long commute times, or traffic nightmares are no longer a barrier to accessing care when we are scheduled to meet for a video session. With teletherapy, the therapeutic relationship is maintained, the therapy can continue effortlessly, and there is no major disruption for the client. I am licensed to serve clients throughout the state of California. Some of my clients live within walking distance of my office and some are a plane ride away, residing in Northern California. All are welcome!

One of the biggest challenges facing prospective therapy clients is that initial appointment. How does telehealth fit in? An easy way to describe it is this—all those things you hate about your dentist waiting room? They apply in therapy as well. Finding the office, sitting, anxiously counting down the time, waiting for your name to be called. With teletherapy, it’s almost always in the comfort of your own home. You can have your cozy blanket, your special mug, all the things that make you feel at ease. What better start to therapy and opening up than in your safe space?

Time is perhaps our most precious resource. As such, commutes can be frustrating and stressful for clients already prone to anxiety. Unexpected traffic closures often lead clients to race in, anxious about being late or missing any part of their therapy time. With enough on their brimming plates, the last thing clients need to worry about is one more place to be. 

Teletherapy allows for maximal flexibility for overworked and overcommitted clients. Having worked with many high achieving populations, those who need services the most often have the least time. Being able to reschedule (with more than 24 hours notice) and integrate emergency sessions adds to the value of video and phone sessions. For clients with severe stress that is otherwise well managed, the ability to schedule an emergency check-in can be invaluable.

I specialize in working with people with chronic medical conditions – such as lupus, fibromyalgia, POTS, EDS, Crohns, MS, and others – and I know that flare ups can happen unexpectedly.  Added to this, it is not uncommon for individuals with heavy workloads and many pressures to repeatedly succumb to colds and other stress-related illnesses.  Illness often can cause cancellations of any in-person plans, while also impacting your mood and wellbeing.  The opportunity for clients to continue working with their therapist, especially when ill, can be highly impactful. Teletherapy makes it safe for both clients and therapists.

The fact that college counseling centers are more and more swamped is hardly news to those who have worked in such settings. Students will sometimes have to wait for an opening, then are limited to 10-20 sessions (or fewer) of targeted treatment. Some college students desire a longer duration or more in-depth psychotherapy than is provided at their college counseling center. Enter the beauty of access to psychologists from the convenience of your electronic device, wherever you are in the state of California. 

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