Health & Wellness Coaching

Life Coaching is forward-focused. We work together to identify SMART goals in the areas of health and wellness (or other areas where you want to thrive!) I will be your accountability partner to be sure you are taking steps towards achieving those goals each week.

You’ve been living life at 80%. I aim to help you reach that last 20% of achieving the life you want.  

Coaching is set up as 4, 6, and 8 week packages.  Most clients  will begin  with 6 weeks to get started on  their  health,  wellness,  career, and  relationship  goals.  Do you  need to get  back  on  track  with  your  daily regimen  for managing  your  chronic condition?   Would  it help if  we  identified problem  solving  strategies   for   things  getting in   the way of you living your best life?   Do you need a refresher  for  mindful  breathing  and  relaxation  exercises or   range  of  motion/yoga movements?  If  so,  Coaching  may  be  a  great  fit  for  you. 


Coaching is  active  and directive and  not  appropriate  for  dealing  with crises  or deeper emotional issues. Therapy is more appropriate in those cases. Wondering if therapy or coaching is a better fit for you? Let’s talk.