The Neuroscience of Stress Management and Mindfulness – Online Masterclass

Brain Training for Stress Management and Mindfulness
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A 5-part Video Series with Handouts.

So You Can Learn at Your Own Pace

Gain mastery of your mind and body health by learning the neuroscience-based skills for mindfulness and stress management, all backed by neuroscience research. Practice as you go with hands-on exercises within each lesson.

Purchase one-time and receive *LIFETIME ACCESS* to all course materials.

You don’t have to struggle through stress on your own.

Learn and practice skills that help and are based on science, with this course

In this 5 part class you will learn:

  1. What is mindfulness? And practice how to activate your body’s parasympathetic nervous system for relaxation
  2. How are the mind and body connected to our health? And practice how to use progressive muscle relaxation to stimulate our vagus nerve
  3. What are the health effects of stress? And practice mantras for deeper focus and self-calming skills
  4. How do we get rid of stinking thinking? And practice CBT skills along with mental, physical, and soothing grounding exercises
  5. What effective alternatives are available to help manage pain? And practice mindful eating for improved willpower and wellness

As a BONUS, you will also receive:

1. Video training on the Gut-Brain Health connection and it’s role in mood and physical health

2. Special training on Alternative Breathing exercises to help relieve tension headaches

3. Breath Re-training skills to disrupt panic symptoms and improve vagal tone

4. Handouts and graphics are included and available for download!

*Note: You will receive full-access course content upon purchase.


“The online course is well worth the investment! Dr. Blied expertly breaks down complex concepts in a way that anyone can understand. She gives you strategies that are easy to implement and that are evidence-based. Highly recommend!”- Dr. Kerry-Ann Williams, MD – Pediatric and Adult Psychiatrist

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to take your class. I was genuinely surprised that I would enjoy the training and be pulled in… most the time trainings are so mundane and the material is something I typically know. Even though a lot of the material I am familiar with, I was still excited, pulled in and much more based on the way you engage and presented it. I love your humor and I think you provided a lot of skills that people can use themselves and/or with clients. I believe your training is invaluable & will be so helpful for all people.”- Mx. Van Ethan Levy, LMFT – founder of the Do Something Identities conference

“This masterclass is is beyond informative and reassuring to watch. It provides so much information from how gut health impacts our brain to ways we can calm our nervous system (like using the progressive muscle relaxation techniques). Dr. Blied provides context on each subject she brings up, and for each problem we may face she explores a solution. This masterclass encourages watchers to realize what their body is telling them; by taking this course, one is able to watch for signals in real life scenarios. I am beyond happy that I went through this masterclass….I have learned more about my mind, health, gut health and ways to prioritize my mental health.”- Joanna Z. – Entrepreneur and Founder of Gemini Beauty Products

You will receive a Certificate of Completion upon successfully finishing all of the masterclass components

About the Course Instructor

Dr. Monica Blied, She/Her, works as a Clinical Health Psychologist in Private Practice, and Adjunct Professor of Psychology. She has lived with lupus and fibromyalgia since 2012, and utilized her lived experiences + professional training to help others living with chronic mental or medical illnesses. Dr. Blied specializes in helping people to learn science-based skills that can improve the wellness of your mind, body, and spirit. She is also the founder and creator of the Faces of Health app

The “Neuroscience of Stress Management and Mindfulness” course includes nearly 3-hours of in-depth information based on decades of neuroscience research. You will learn the specific tools and skills you need to activate your mind-body health connection so you can start to feel less physical stress, decreased emotional pain, and feel more in charge of your wellness journey!

Note: After this course was filmed, Dr. Blied recognized the use of gendered language (i.e.,”guys”). Dr. Blied does not promote or endorse the use transphobic, ableist, or harmful speech. Please be advised before viewing the course of the presence of these words, which may be triggering for you. While re-filming the course is not viable at this time, Dr. Blied acknowledges these triggers, and would like you to also be mindful of the corrections needed prior to your purchase.

*Lifetime access includes the length of time that the course is hosted by Dr. Monica Blied.

At this time, no refunds are offered after course purchase.


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