Therapy is a safe space for you to talk about the things that are keeping you up at night. I work to create an environment that is comfortable and warm, without judgment, so you are free to  unpack the  thoughts, feelings, and circumstances that have been  burdening you. Therapy can take place in my office in Claremont or online via video sessions (teletherapy).* You can talk about anything in therapy; including your current problems, events from your childhood or past, and any worries about the future. I have education and training to guide you to a better understanding and help you reach your goals.

Research shows that therapy is most effective when you are matched with a skilled therapist  who  you  have a good  rapport or  relationship  with.  I work to build that trusting relationship with my clients and will refer you to other therapists in the area if we are not a good fit for each other. I have over a decade of experience providing psychological services for diverse clients.

My Specialties Include:

Chronic medical illnesses (HIV/AIDS, diabetes,lupus , fibromyalgia, MS & others)

Chronic pain




Panic Disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Oppression (racism, sexism, etc.)

Self-esteem and Personal Growth

Moving from surviving to thriving

People of Color, Racial Minorities


LGBTQ Affirming

Challenges around faith (spirituality and religious issues)

Relationship Difficulties

Services and Modalities:

Telehealth / Online Video Therapy

Mindfulness Meditation & Relaxation

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

Solution Focused Therapy

Cognitive Processing Therapy

Biofeedback (Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback)

EMDR Therapy

Brainspotting (coming December 2020)

Health & Wellness Coaching (and Life Coaching)

Chair Yoga (Certified Chair/Senior Holy Yoga Instructor)



Day appointments available Wednesday through Friday


*Online sessions or teletherapy is not appropriate for individuals with high risk for suicide.