Frequently Asked Questions

Individual  therapy  sessions  are  45  minutes.  The first (intake) session is a bit longer at 55 minutes.  Although there is a clear agenda, there is still time to explore what  is  necessary to be sure that you feel really understood. Given the nature of emotional and behavioral problems, it is critical that your work doesn’t stop after 45 minutes. 

There are 112 waking hours each week. In order to get the most out of therapy, you will need to “do the work” outside of the hour we have together. I will teach you the tools to cope with stress and help address your problems, and expect you to practice these skills when we are not in session. You come to therapy for my expertise as you learn how to become your own advisor and advise yourself. 

In addition,  often times the work required involves situations at  work, home, and with people that are not going to be in the therapy session. So although our time together each session is 45 minutes, you will use time outside of session to do the work as well. 

At Faces of Health, we offer both psychotherapy and health and wellness coaching depending on your needs. Coaching is most appropriate if you have specific health and wellness goals you want to work towards and those goals are your main reason for seeking assistance. Although therapy is also goal-focused, it is more appropriate if you want to dive deeper into emotional concerns, life stressors, or events from your past or present that are getting in the way of you moving forward in life or causing you to suffer. Therapy helps you to make sense of how your thoughts and behaviors impact your daily functioning and is also geared towards treating mental health diagnoses. So, coaching is forward-focused and ideal for the person who needs accountability and problem-solving steps to achieve specific health and wellness goals; while, therapy can be focused on the past, present, and future and is ideal for people who need space to talk through and process deeper issues.  If you are still wondering which option is best for you, schedule a free 10 minute phone consultation with me.

Anything can be discussed in therapy.  There  is great flexibility  about  topics and spiritual or cultural questions can be the main  focus for a particular client. With that said, we will be goal focused. If the goal is to come to a greater understanding or acceptance  of issues beyond your control, then we will spend the appropriate time on that.  Without being overly  rigid,  we will  navigate back  to the  goals and the agenda when we go off course. If something new comes up though, we will simply add it to the agenda in order to incorporate  it into the longer-term goals.

Therapy  is not for  everyone and it is  not for every  problem.  Certainly  good advice  can come  from a number of sources,  including friends and family members. There are problems that require scientific and clinical expertise.  There are also issues that may require careful assessment  to determine what the actual problem is. And finally there may be issues that are so private in  nature,  revealing them  to  someone in a  personal  capacity  may  not be an  option  yet. There may also be chronic problems or unfulfilled dreams that  people  have  been  trying unsuccessfully   to  help  you   with.  That  is  when  effective  therapy  with   an expertise in the area may be appropriate. Some therapies are supportive and   non-directive  in  nature.  Therapy   practiced  in  this  office  is  active and directive. Concrete goals are set, barriers are identified,   and interventions  target removing  barriers  or  giving  clients  the  tools  to  navigate around them so they can achieve goals and live a happier, more satisfying, and meaningful life.

I am an approved Medicare provider and also accept IEHP Insurance.  

For other insurances, I can provide you a superbill to provide to your insurance for reimbursement using your Out of Network benefits. Most PPO insurance plans will include Out of Network benefits. Please check with your insurance on Out of Network benefits and reimbursement policies.

Many clients choose to pay for sessions using their Health Savings Account (HSA) or FSA card, and also seek reimbursement from their insurance company.  

I also accept Care Credit to provide flexible financing options for your psychological testing needs. 

All Major Credit Cards and HSA/FSA cards are accepted. I am also set up to receive payments by Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, and Care Credit. Session fees are due at the beginning of, or prior to, each session. No refunds are provided for services.

I have a limited number of lower fee slots available. I can sometimes negotiate a lower fee based upon income and  financial need. You may  discuss this with  me, if it is  a  concern.  If I am unable to accommodate your financial situation,  I may be able to provide you with referrals.

Any cancellations or changes to an appointment should be made with at least 24 hours notice, to allow for the time to be used by another client in need. You may notify Dr. Blied of your cancellation by voicemail or email. No-shows, changes, and late cancels will be charged the full session rate, with fees due prior to the next scheduled appointment. Note that this fee is not covered by insurance.

Clients may be given one free late cancel per calendar year, at the sole discretion of Dr. Blied.