Neurocognitive and Psychodiagnostic Targeting Testing Services

Learning Disorders and/or ADHD no longer have to get in the way of you achieving your goals at work and in school

I provide testing for Learning Disorders and ADHD Evaluations to help you overcome those barriers and help level the playing field. Professional assessment and diagnosis may assist you with securing ADA disability accommodations so you can finally show what you know at work, school, and on exams – without distractability and focus issues getting in the way!

-Dr. Blied

Description of the ADHD and Learning Disorders evaluation process:

What does the Assessment process involve?

Through the assessment process, I help to uncover the areas that are challenging you, as well as identify your strengths! Here is the breakdown of the assessment process: The assesment process begins with a clinical interview where you and I will sit down together (usually over telehealth/video) and review your current and past struggles. You will complete a number of inventories and questionnaires at home and return to me via email for review. I will also review any records you have from school report cards, college transcripts, and previous testing.

What happens on the first day of testing?

On the days of testing, we will sit together and go through a number of activities that will explore many areas of functioning. Some of the evaluation is done using iPads that I provide, some over the computer, some using blocks or other things you will manipulate with your hands, while other parts are completed using traditional paper and pen. 

The in-person and video testing takes place over 4-7 hours total, which can be divided between 1-2 days. 

Evaluations for ADHD and Learning Disorders are completed via telehealth, with some in-person sections needed

What happens next?

Once testing is completed. I score and evaluate everything you have done, and also review the records you have provided me. This is followed by a feedback session where you will learn your diagnosis, learn more about your specific strengths and challenges, receive guidance on how to begin managing your condition(s), and receive referrals to specialists to help with your next steps. 

Will I receive a written summary of my testing results?

You will receive a written report with all of the details we discussed during the feedback session. This report will include a summary of your testing results and recommendations, and will be emailed several weeks later. This report can be used to support ADA accommodations for school, work, or high-stakes testing (i.e., SAT, GRE, ACT, LSAT, MCATs, etc.)

So, tell me again what all is included in the assessment process?

The targeted assessment includes: records review, clinical interview, testing, feedback session, professional consultation, and a written report with a strengths-based explanation of testing results, along with suggestions for school or work accommodations or high-stakes testing accommodations

Testing domains include:

Learning & Memory

Achievement (Reading, Written-Expression, Mathematics)


Executive Functioning




and, Effort. 

*The above includes approximately 18-30 total clinical hours (add-on services are charged at hourly rate)

Abbreviated assessment for ADHD screening & psychological testing only:

**Psychodiagnostic screening assessment to help determine if you are living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and psychological/ mood disorders. This psychodiagnostic testing will help you know your diagnosis and give suggestions for next steps.  Included are a clinical interview, diagnostic inventories, and objective assessment of the following domains: intelligence, attention & concentration, and executive functioning. **(This is not suitable if report/scores are needed to document the need for accommodations)