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The Neuroscience of Stress Management and Mindfulness MASTERCLASS

The Neuroscience of Stress Management and Mindfulness Skills

In this 5 part class you will learn:

  1. What is mindfulness? And practice how to activate your body’s parasympathetic nervous system for relaxation
  2. How are the mind and body connected to our health? And practice how to use progressive muscle relaxation to stimulate our vagus nerve
  3. What are the health effects of stress? And practice mantras for deeper focus and self-calming skills
  4. How do we get rid of stinking thinking? And practice CBT skills along with mental, physical, and soothing grounding exercises
  5. What effective alternatives are available to help manage pain? And practice mindful eating for improved willpower and wellness

As a BONUS, you will also receive:

1. Video training on the Gut-Brain Health Connection and it’s role in our mood and physical health

2. Special training on Alternative breathing for tension headaches

3. Breath Retraining to disrupt panic symptoms and improve vagal tone

Gain mastery of your mind-body health connection by learning the skills and the science behind mindfulness interventions and wellness strategies, all backed by research. Practice as you go with hands-on exercises within each lesson.

You will also receive Certificate of Completion at the end of this course!

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