Sleep Hygiene: Tips to Improve Sleep 

Do you feel tired throughout the day? Do you need caffeine to help you do your daily tasks? Do you have trouble focusing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider improving your sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene is a variety of practices and routines you can do during the day and night that will help improve the quality of your sleep. Here are a few practices you can implement into your life today! 

Create a Buffer Zone 

Create a routine at least 30 minutes before bedtime. This will help train your brain and body that it is time for bed. You should have all electronics off and lower the lights. Also, do something that relaxes you. Consider doing some deep breathing, meditation, and mindfulness exercises.

Take A Warm Bath or Shower

Taking a warm bath or shower helps you sleep for two reasons. Firstly, it helps you relax. And secondly, it encourages your body to facilitate a “heat dump.” This is when your body expels built-up heat in order to cool down. Lower body temperatures before bed help facilitate better quality sleep. 

Regular Exercise 

Exercise has many health benefits, one being better quality sleep. Regular exercise is key. However, it is important to note that exercising right before bed can be overstimulating and make it harder to fall asleep. 

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