What is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

EFT is a method people use to help manage anxiety and stress. It is often referred to as “tapping.” It involves tapping your fingertips on specific points on your head, face, and body. The points you tap on for EFT are like those used in acupuncture. They are your body’s energy meridian points.

How to practice EFT:

  1. Think of an issue you want to focus on. For example, you may want to focus on something that is causing you anxiety. 
  2. Create an affirmation that addresses your issue. For example, “I accept myself” or “I am enough”
  3. Tap the following points on your body while repeating your affirmation out loud.
    • Tap on the top, center of your head
    • Tap underneath the eyes 
    • Tap between your nose and your upper lip 
    • Tap between your lower lip and your chin
    • Tap beneath your collarbone
    • Tap under your armpit (about 4 inches below the armpit)
  4. Reflect on how you feel 
  5. Repeat the steps if needed

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